Why Recycle?

Recycling is a great way to reduce the need for new manufactured goods. Often, through the manufacturing of new goods, pollutants are created or released as a byproduct. Many of these, including toxic chemicals and carcinogens, are released into the same air that you and I are breathing every day. By reducing the need for newly manufactured goods, you also reduce the resulting pollution and health effects.

In addition to causing pollution, manufacturing of new products means further depletion of limited natural resources. By reusing things like metals that have already been mined, recycling helps to decrease the unnecessary drain on our resources.

Goods and appliances that get thrown out eventually make their way to a landfill somewhere, but our landfills are filling up at ever-increasing rates. In addition to not being very pretty to look at, landfills can potentially pollute underground water supplies – the same underground water that could end up in your very own tap!

Why Recycle? So that metal and other harmful things don't end up on our clean beaches and other locations.

Recycling helps keep the environment clean, making our futures brighter. Together, we can help the Earth and keep our futures clean!

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